Taylor Swift On “America’s Got Talent” Finale With Grace VanderWaal? HOAX

Is Taylor Swift in talks to seem on the “America’s Got Talent” finale with frontrunner Grace VanderWaal? That’s the premature claim returning from an explicit webloid. however Gossip Cop looked into the story, and here’s what we have a tendency to uncovered.

“‘America’s Got Talent’: Taylor Swift On The Finale With Grace VanderWaal? the reality,” reads a HollywoodLife headline, that is ironic, as a result of web site doesn’t have the “truth” in any respect. within the concomitant article, the dangerous journal writes however decide Simon Cowell known as VanderWaal the “next Taylor Swift” following her audition on last week’s show. so it’s aforementioned, “Great news, Swifites: associate degree ‘America’s Got Talent’ corporate executive tells HollywoodLife.com completely that producers area unit already reconnoitering Tai for the finale!”

“Simon Cowell and also the ‘AGT’ producers are actively reaching out and hoping to line one thing up with Taylor,” a alleged “source” is quoted as expression. The outlet goes on to mention, “Of course, all that has to happen is for Taylor to relinquish the go-ahead.” The supposed snitch additional adds, “Though Taylor hasn’t created any choices however, either way, the interest is there and there’s a really smart probability that it’ll happen.”

Not therefore quick. Not solely is that the season finale months away and VanderWaal’s participation not secured, however there {are no|are not associate degreey|aren’t any} talks straight away with Swift regarding an look. a true supply near the superstar’s camp completely tells Gossip Cop, “No one from NBC or ‘AGT’ have reached dead set Taylor’s team relating to their finale.”

So HollywoodLife made-up this story, or relied on one among its misinformed insiders. Either way, it’s clear to examine why the webloid is nicknamed “HollywoodLies.”


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